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Air to Water Heat Pumps are ideal for providing space heating & hot water for both commercial and residential properties.

With high energy efficiency, they are a popular choice to combat expensive running costs and reducing Co2 Emissions.

The Toshiba Air to Water heat pump has been designed using new variants of Toshiba’s highly efficient Super Digital Inverter outdoor units.
Each system is capable of providing heating or cooling water in two separate zones as well as being able to provide domestic hot water with the addition of a bespoke stainless steel tank.
The systems have extremely high COP figures and are ideally suited to domestic and light-commercial.
Fujitsu offer a compact all-in-one heat pump unit with no refrigerant pipe work or connections
necessary and only the hydraulic connections required.
Circulation pump, safety valve and automatic vent valve are included with easy overall access for all maintenance.
Water circulation can be automatically performed at low outdoor temperature and freezing of circulated water can be prevented.
The compact monobloc can be connected either with the hydrobox or a wired remote controller.
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Air To Water Heat Pumps
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